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Touring around Andros

Holidays in Andros Greece Andros Beaches, Andros Travel Information, Gavrio, Batsi, Hotels

Holidays in Andros Greece: getting to know the island, its beaches, its nightlife and its villages Gavrion and Batsi.

As the boat approaches the harbor of Gavrio, the little whitewashed houses compose a beautiful setting. Gavrio is a peaceful area so you will spend your holidays in Andros Greece in a relaxing atmosphere. Gavrio provides you with a wide array of great hotels and comfortable rooms to let, restaurants serving local delicacies, popular night clubs and atmospheric bars. You will find all kinds of stores in the market, as well as local products sold by the producers themselves.

The surrounding environment is characterized by the typical Cycladic beauty; the dovecotes, the wild flowers, the fragrance of the thyme, the sea and the whitewashed chapels give their own distinctive color to the scenery. It's such a wonderful place to visit, and when you can find hotel offers that will allow you to visit often, it's difficult not to be tempted in by the stunning environment that greets you as you arrive.

At the hamlet of Agios Petros, which is a twenty-minute walk from Gavrio you will see the famous round tower dating from the Hellenistic Period. Its use has not been specified by the archaeologists yet. Some speculate that it might have been an observatory.

We suggest that you get your own car and discover the beautiful beaches in the south of Gavrio: Xylokarida, Kipri and Psili Ammos. Many of them are fully organised offering water sports. Not far from Gavrio is Fellos Beach with its lovely golden sand.

As you drive from Gavrio to Batsi a landscape of exquisite beauty unfolds before your eyes. The green setting contrasting with the azure sea shimmering under the sun will tempt you to stop, take some pictures and jump into the crystal clear sea.

South of Gavrion, you will come across Batsi, the most cosmopolitan settlement on Andros Island. It has a full-service sandy beach with shallow waters ideal for small children. There are more beaches for you to see such as Kolona, Stivari, Delavogia and Agia Marina. If you love water sports, you will not be disappointed. You can hire windsurf boards, canoes, pedaloes, sea bikes, and water-skis at the beachfront sports centres. The most remote beaches such as Koutsi beach, Green beach and Paleopolis can be approached by caiques from Batsi or by foot if you happen to love challenges.

The nights-out in Batsi will be etched in your mind forever. The strolls along the harbor, with the full moon shedding its silver light on your way, the smell of jasmine as you sit at the open-air cinema, the laughter from the bars, the happy faces walking by are only a few things to remember.

In the south of Batsi stands Paleopolis, the old capital of Andros. The sunken old pier can be seen from the road above. The bay attracts many snorkellers and sea lovers.

At the northern end of Andros you will be more than glad to discover and enjoy the beaches of Megali and Mikri Peza.

Chora, the capital of Andros, is located on the east coast of the island, built on a peninsula. Chora ends on a little island where the medieval castle was built. The Venetian castle used to protect the town against invaders. The island is separated from the peninsula of Chora with a narrow sea strip of 2-3 m and is connected with the land by a stone-built bridge.

The town of Chora is divided in two parts; the Old and the New Town. In the Old town, at Riva square, the imposing copper statue of the “Unknown Sailor” of Andros stands still despite the fierce winds of the Aegean. Saunter in the narrow, picturesque streets of Chora throbbing with a plethora of shops, cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy local dishes and pastries.

The Kydoniefs foundation, the archaeological, naval and the modern art museum hold excellent exhibitions which have rendered Andros Chora an important cultural center in Greece. If you are lucky enough, there might be an exhibition of some famous artist at the modern art museum.

On the left part of the town you will find Nimborio beach and on its right Paraporti beach where you can enjoy the Aegean sea once more. The beaches of Gialia and Piso Gialia nearby Stenies are worth a visit.

Make an excursion to Sineti, on the green sides of the mountain, north of Chora. The picture of the stone built houses, dovecotes and watermills in the ravine with the butterflies of the “Panaxia” family will fascinate you.

On the road towards the south-eastern part of the island, take a dive at the Bay of Korthi with the clear blue waters ideal for windsurfing. You can also try the beach of St. Catherine and the remote idyllic creeks of Kalomonari, Bouro and Ai Giannis in Keramides.

One of the most famous beaches is called the “old lady's leap”. The legend has it that an old lady living in the settlement Ano Kastro betrayed the inhabitants to the Turks and after they were slaughtered, she committed suicide by leaping off the rock. The beach is very picturesque with its green waters and the huge rock that dominates the bay.
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