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Museums in Andros Island

Andros Island Museums, Greek Museums in Andros Greece

While in Andros you might want to dedicate an afternoon or two visiting Andros Island Museums, view their lovely displays and discover a couple of exciting things about the history of the place and get acquainted to the Greek cultural and artistic background.

Archaeological Museum
The archaeological museum is located in the capital town of Andros, Chora. It was founded in 1981, a legacy of the Institution of Vasilis and Eliza Goulandris. It boasts preservation labs, storage rooms, modern audiovisual systems and security systems. Art exhibitions and many artistic and cultural events are hosted there in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art.

During your visit at the archaeological museum in Andros Greece you will admire findings from the geometrical to the post byzantine era, such as the copy of Rigas Charta, Mycenaean vases, a collection of findings from the geometrical settlement of Zagora, a collection featuring sculptures from the archaic to the roman era, a collection of Byzantine sculptures, as well as inscriptions, photographs, images and many more.

In one of the halls of the museum you will discover the statue of a naked man known as “Hermes of Andros”, a roman copy of the earlier copper statue of Praxitelis. The statue dates back to the 1st century B.C., it was found in 1833 in Paleopoli and it is rather impressive due to its size. Other worthwhile displays are the headless “kouroi” and a roman copy of Artemis body.
Museum of Modern Art
The museum of modern art is one of the Greek museums in Andros which attracts visitors coming the island just to see its unique permanent collection, as well periodical exhibitions taking place. It is situated in Chora, Andros and was founded in 1979 by the Vasilis and Eliza Goulandris Institution.

This Andros museum consists of two halls. In the old one you can see 20th century works by Tompros, Tsarouchis, Gikas, Moralis, Vasiliou, Takis, Fasianos and other distinguished Greek and foreign artists, while the newest hall -founded in 1986- houses all periodical exhibitions.

The museum also holds exhibitions of sculpture and photography and many other events.
Naval Museum
The naval museum of Andros Island lies in Chora and was founded in 1972. It includes an extensive collection of items relevant to the popular naval tradition of the island, ranging from naval diaries to ship models.
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